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Web development projects can be incredibly expensive. But by following the four simple practices laid out in this white paper, you can significantly reduce the costs of your next web project - in some instances by over 50%.
With strategic use of technology, your small team can leverage the myriad tools available on the web today to laser focus your message, speak to and engage your audience, increase event attendance and donations, and more. In this white paper, you'll find tools, recommendations, and tips for running a modern digital church.
In this blog post, I will lay out a framework for the types of things you might consider thinking about as you approach compliance with this new regulation.

Ten years have passed since my first testing stint. Projects have come and gone, but at least two things have remained constant during all these years: software development projects are becoming more and more demanding—in terms of implementing new technologies and meeting the expectations of stakeholders—and testing is still a great resource to ensure that expectations are met.

New Content Management Systems (CMS) are being released at an increasing rate, partially due to the shift towards JavaScript-based applications, microservice-based architectures, and NoSQL databases. Established CMSs are slower-moving when it comes to making it easy to embrace newer technologies and approaches, and that opens the door for competing products. Therefore, it’s worth comparing an established PHP-based CMS with a significant amount of people using it and a popular JavaScript-based CMS.

Would you like to know how to ensure your next project stays on time and on budget?

Are your Marketing and Content teams bottlenecked by your Engineering team?

What is Docker? Do you need it? What can it do for you and your organization? In this webinar (geared for the non-engineer)...

If you have recently inherited a Drupal site, or have been informed that your company will soon be "moving to Drupal," you probably have lots of questions. In this webinar, we'll give you a broad overview of the most important concepts to know...

bad habits, good habits, accidental evil, determined growth, drupal, meteor

In this article, Brad helps you improve your team by turning bad habits into good habits.

Tools for Drupalcon Dublin

If you’re attending DrupalCon Dublin this week, then may The Luck of The Irish be with you!

Drupal 8 logo in outer space

With the release of Drupal 8 drawing ever nearer, it’s important to know what will change — and what will stay the same — with our favorite CMS.

We explore the various parallax effects available to modern web design. Decide which are best for you in your next project.

Learn how Jira and Aha! are used to create products at Project Ricochet.

Developing with Jekyll
Ricochet works primarily on the Drupal and the Meteor website development platforms, but that doesn’t mean we can’t or won’t delve into other platforms when the project warrants it.
Learn how we recently integrated Drupal with the API for an enterprise file storage solution.

A client just sent us a bunch of chocolate coins with our logo and some Drupal flavor. Yum!

Will you be able to make it to Drupalcon Portland? If so, give us a shout! We'd love to meet up.

Ricochet super-team Stephen Pope and Rick Destree were invaluable in upgrading the functionalities of the MarketTools corporate website, helping us implement new design elements and site structure, and launching a new website on very sho

Development with Meteor JavaScript Platform

Learn about meteor js permissions, what they do, and how to set them up with our quick overview.

Drupal provides JavaScript tools to help you write better code

Developer tips for including a javascript file in your Drupal module that requires an ajax callback to your Drupal module.

Ricochet has been an invaluable partner in the development of our Drupal sites. Working with Casey, he lent a critical eye to our requirements to understand the feature set and objectives.

Casey Cobb and the team at Ricochet have that right balance of high-touch professionalism while being true "geeks" at heart.

Is Drupal the right framework for my project

Which tool should you choose? We share some thoughts on Drupal vs. other frameworks, with a story or two thrown in for good measure.

"The Ricochet team is great to work with. They work hard to understand not just what we want, but also what we need. Many times they've come back with a better solution than the one we originally asked them to build."

"It has been a pleasure to work with Casey, Rick and Phil from Ricochet. We were initially faced with a dip in productivity on our project due to some team member's contributing to DrupalCon Munich.

"Our experience with Ricochet has been nothing short of exceptional. They worked with us to troubleshoot and correct issues with our site, and did so in a very timely manner."

"Ricochet has proven to be a partner that we can depend on to create and maintain a successful drupal-based CMS system.


Theming, Drupal feature extension, custom module development, security updates, and debugging.


Consulting on the viability of Drupal as a platform for an ecommerce and media site. Initial proof of concept Drupal implementation and light theming.


Theming, Drupal feature extension, custom module development, security updates, and debugging.


Revamping and extending functionality on an existing Drupal site. Bug fixes, apachesolr implementation, theming and custom module development.


Ongoing Drupal needs, including custom module development, theming, design, apache solr, server-ops and project management.


Light theming, Drupal security upgrades, system ops, debugging.


Drupal buildout of multi-language site (English and Chinese), theming, custom module development, debugging, and project management.


Backend systems to aid in improved company operations and efficiency. Drupal development, theming, jQuery.


Drupal debugging, deployment, server-ops, light theme improvements.


Drupal site buildout, custom module development, community interaction platform, theming, performance optimization, server buildout, deployment management, design, project management.


Drupal buildout, debugging, theme implementation, custom module development, project management.

Theme development / implementation, server configuration, load/performance testing and optimization, custom module development, configuration, module selection/installation, views configuration.

BADCamp 2012, Bay Area Drupal

That's right, folks. Step right up! The much celebrated BAD Camp is coming November 1st! We'll be there - and so will over 1500...


Drupal back-end development with light front-end theming. Ubercart / ecommerce development. Email marketing setup and integration.

Updating nodes via ajax from the node edit form
For any non-technical Drupal folk out there – be ye warned. This is a technical post. The intent with these types of posts is to share some knowledge we’ve discovered and share it with the community.

On the agenda? node_save().

Learn more about how Drupal may or may not be the best solution for your next project.