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What is Docker? Do you need it? What can it do for you and your organization? In this webinar (geared for the non-engineer)...

Set up your Dockerfile to work with the latest Meteor

After the latest release of Meteor JS, Marty walks us through making sure our Docker set up is ready to go!

Backup, database, mongo, mongodb, meteor, meteorjs

In Part VII, Stephen and Kevin wrap up their series with the excitement of database backups!

Docker, containers, mongo, databases

In part 6, Kevin and Stephen share their opinion on how to handle stateful services, such as databases, in Docker.

Files, Storage, Cloud, Docker, Docker Cloud, Meteor

Kevin and Stephen continue the series with a focus on setting up SSL Termination.

Docker cloud and load balancing for meteor and node

In part four, Stephen and Kevin show us how to use load balancing with Docker properly.

Setting up to work in Docker on Github and Bitbucket is a breeze, let's do this!

In part 3 of this series, Stephen gets things set up on Github and Bitbucket...

Your social media adventure kit is ready for Dockercon

You’re at DockerCon to learn from knowledgeable Docker professionals. You’ve noticed their contributions to the community you value. Use social media to get them to notice you. “@ mention” these influencers on your social media feeds during sessions. Share your thoughts on the knowledge they’re sharing, tweet inspiring quotes, and get out that perfect snap of a key point on Instagram or Snapchat in seconds. You’ll help spread the knowledge of influencers who inspire you, and now you’ll show up on their radar too.

Our adventure continues, with Meteor, Node.js, and Docker

In part 2 of this series, Stephen goes through the process of deploying a basic set up on the Docker cloud...

Colored boxes representing container servics in a row

Within the field of NetOps, there are many technology channels moving quickly and independently. It’s..