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Our team can help your organization in-source your software development & innovation process, reducing costs by up to 80%—or conversely—increasing output by 5x.

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  • Ricochet super-team Stephen Pope and Rick Destree were invaluable in upgrading the functionalities of the MarketTools corporate website, helping us implement new design elements and site structure, and launching a new website on very short notice when our business unit was acquired by Confirmit. Along the way, they taught me a lot about Drupal! Stephen’s help was critical in dealing with some difficult pre-existing server environment issues, and he went the extra mile many times to get us past the crunch points. I absolutely recommend Stephen and his team!
  • Casey Cobb and the team at Ricochet have that right balance of high-touch professionalism while being true "geeks" at heart. They are adaptive and flexible, with a keen sense of what it takes to keep a project on track -- and an understanding that the client's goals and priorities may continuously evolve.
  • "The Ricochet team is great to work with. They work hard to understand not just what we want, but also what we need. Many times they've come back with a better solution than the one we originally asked them to build."
  • "Ricochet has proven to be a partner that we can depend on to create and maintain a successful drupal-based CMS system. Their deep experience in drupal has allowed them to identify existing plugins and to quickly implement custom logic when required to efficiently implement our international content management workflow and site. Ricochet has shown their commitment to our success again and again, working collaboratively across our team to make it happen, and putting in the extra effort when needed to meet our business goals."
  • "Ricochet has been invaluable in taking our website to the next level. Throughout the development process, they met every need and were able to find creative solutions for every curveball we threw at them. Their knowledge of the latest web technologies, professionalism, and responsiveness brought everything together for us. I can highly recommend Ricochet Consulting to anyone looking to surge past their competition."
  • Project Ricochet's top notch developers, designers and PM’s allowed us to bring our vision of an e-commerce style class search to life. We had a tight budget and a lot of unexpected problems on the Berkeley side. Utilizing Ricochet's state of the art tracking tools and disciplined scrum approach allowed us to surmount every challenge and end up with a fantastic application. We loved the creative collaboration that allowed us to remake a boring campus class schedule into a high-octane search tool that our students and faculty love! Thank you Casey and the whole PR team!
  • "Our experience with Ricochet has been nothing short of exceptional. They worked with us to troubleshoot and correct issues with our site, and did so in a very timely manner."
  • "It has been a pleasure to work with Casey, Rick and Phil from Ricochet. We were initially faced with a dip in productivity on our project due to some team member's contributing to DrupalCon Munich. Casey and team were able to step in, ramp up, and start contributing to solutions immediately. When our team members returned from Munich, we decided the Ricochet guys were too valuable and helpful to let go, so we have kept them on as members of the team until launch.
  • "We run a non-profit summer camp and hired Ricochet to design our camper and staff database from scratch. Their initial design was custom fit to suit our needs and as those needs have evolved the helpful staff at Ricochet have insured that timely changes keep our database up to date and running smoothly. Thanks for the fantastic service and personal attention, it's made a huge difference for our camp!"
  • Ricochet has been an invaluable partner in the development of our Drupal sites. Working with Casey, he lent a critical eye to our requirements to understand the feature set and objectives. During development, he was able to propose alternative implementations or creative solutions which met the requirements in an elegant and efficient manner. All the while, Casey maintained perspective on the user experience, to ensure that the product was not only bug free, but also easy to use an navigate. Furthermore, I could rely on Casey to keep me informed of issues and status with timely updates.
  • "Ricochet was very impressive with their knowledge, abilities and professionalism. We never ran into a technological roadblock or problem that couldn't be solved. They were able to offer new, cutting-edge solutions around every corner, and they were fantastic about staying in communication. It seemed like we were always able to get ahold of someone, whether it was Tuesday at 1am or Saturday at 7am, someone was quick to respond and help address an emergency or even a simple inquiry. Truly professional service, and quality work.
  • As an academic group, we wanted to improve the look and feel of our website on a tight budget. The team at Project Ricochet was consistently responsive to our concerns and willing to help us meet our goals. They were transparent with their costs, which allowed us to pick and choose which features and changes we deemed most important. Thanks to this transparency, our new website is a substantial improvement over the old that we were able to achieve in a cost-effective fashion.

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