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Web development projects can be incredibly expensive. But by following the four simple practices laid out in this white paper, you can significantly reduce the costs of your next web project - in some instances by over 50%.
With strategic use of technology, your small team can leverage the myriad tools available on the web today to laser focus your message, speak to and engage your audience, increase event attendance and donations, and more. In this white paper, you'll find tools, recommendations, and tips for running a modern digital church.
New Content Management Systems (CMS) are being released at an increasing rate, partially due to the shift towards JavaScript-based applications, microservice-based architectures, and NoSQL databases. Established CMSs are slower-moving when it comes to making it easy to embrace newer technologies and approaches, and that opens the door for competing products. Therefore, it’s worth comparing an established PHP-based CMS with a significant amount of people using it and a popular JavaScript-based CMS.

Would you like to know how to ensure your next project stays on time and on budget?

Project Ricochet is a development agency that works with a wide range of languages and frameworks. Over the past several years we've launched and maintained many e-commerce projects.

Project Ricochet explains the concepts behind VulcanJS, how to get started, and it's most helpful features to take advantage of to create your React app.

In this webinar, Marty discusses ways GraphQL can reduce cost - and keep your developers happy too!

In this feature Casey and Dan work with Reaction Commerce, to determine when it is the right fit for an Ecommerce Project!

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It could be very debatable that in this day and age there are not that many companies, development shops, agencies or individual developers not using a strategy to keep different versions of the product (from now on I'm going to be referring to product rather than app, site, webpage to streamline the subject) isolated from each other depending on which point of the development process they are reflecting, but (and I'm quoting Mark Twain in this one) "truth is stranger than fiction...", and in this case truth refers to the reality of how the code for the product is managed.

In this feature, Marty demonstrates how to use Vue and whether or not it is a good framework for you in 2017.

In this feature Marty works with Aurelia, to help you determine if it is a valuable framework for 2017!

Join us as Dave demonstrates what makes Angular 1 tick, and how to use it to build a simple app!

Join us as Dave demonstrates the ins and outs of Angular 2, including how to build a simple Angular 2 app!

Marty discusses what React and React Native are, and how to determine whether or not they are right for your project.

Join Dave for a look back and a look to the future of JavaScript front end frameworks

In this webinar we'll share what WebRTC is, how it works, its benefits and drawbacks...

Ricochet super-team Stephen Pope and Rick Destree were invaluable in upgrading the functionalities of the MarketTools corporate website, helping us implement new design elements and site structure, and launching a new website on very sho

Drupal provides JavaScript tools to help you write better code

Developer tips for including a javascript file in your Drupal module that requires an ajax callback to your Drupal module.