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Working with the UCSF team to refine and improve the user experience and Drupal implementation of the intranet for the launch of the new UCSF Medical Center.

Ricochet has been an invaluable partner in the development of our Drupal sites. Working with Casey, he lent a critical eye to our requirements to understand the feature set and objectives.

"The Ricochet team is great to work with. They work hard to understand not just what we want, but also what we need. Many times they've come back with a better solution than the one we originally asked them to build."

"Our experience with Ricochet has been nothing short of exceptional. They worked with us to troubleshoot and correct issues with our site, and did so in a very timely manner."


Consulting on the viability of Drupal as a platform for an ecommerce and media site. Initial proof of concept Drupal implementation and light theming.


Theming, Drupal feature extension, custom module development, security updates, and debugging.


Revamping and extending functionality on an existing Drupal site. Bug fixes, apachesolr implementation, theming and custom module development.


Ongoing Drupal needs, including custom module development, theming, design, apache solr, server-ops and project management.

Theme development / implementation, server configuration, load/performance testing and optimization, custom module development, configuration, module selection/installation, views configuration.