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We explore the various parallax effects available to modern web design. Decide which are best for you in your next project.


Angular.js / Node.js web app and api for a native mobile app with design, UX/UI, analytics, theming and back-end development.

Ricochet super-team Stephen Pope and Rick Destree were invaluable in upgrading the functionalities of the MarketTools corporate website, helping us implement new design elements and site structure, and launching a new website on very sho

"The Ricochet team is great to work with. They work hard to understand not just what we want, but also what we need. Many times they've come back with a better solution than the one we originally asked them to build."


Design, branding, advertising/marketing, website buildout and theming.


Drupal site buildout, custom module development, community interaction platform, theming, performance optimization, server buildout, deployment management, design, project management.