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Casey shares his thoughts on utilizing the 80/20 rule to produce software more quickly and for less money.

In this webinar, Casey and Marty discuss how to use GraphQL to power your CMS, and how the component-based approach to managing a CMS can enable your team to get more done in a shorter amount of time.

Konrad shows how to quickly build a chat app using Phoenix and Elixir.

As the leader of a software development agency, I’m in a unique position within my organization. As a software engineer myself, who sees both the business and development side of software engineering, I’m always looking for helpful concepts, paradigms, and principles. Also, and perhaps the most challenging, I lead...

Ten years have passed since my first testing stint. Projects have come and gone, but at least two things have remained constant during all these years: software development projects are becoming more and more demanding—in terms of implementing new technologies and meeting the expectations of stakeholders—and testing is still a great resource to ensure that expectations are met.

Would you like to know how to ensure your next project stays on time and on budget?

Are your Marketing and Content teams bottlenecked by your Engineering team?

Project Ricochet explains the concepts behind VulcanJS, how to get started, and it's most helpful features to take advantage of to create your React app.

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It could be very debatable that in this day and age there are not that many companies, development shops, agencies or individual developers not using a strategy to keep different versions of the product (from now on I'm going to be referring to product rather than app, site, webpage to streamline the subject) isolated from each other depending on which point of the development process they are reflecting, but (and I'm quoting Mark Twain in this one) "truth is stranger than fiction...", and in this case truth refers to the reality of how the code for the product is managed.

In this feature, Marty demonstrates how to use Vue and whether or not it is a good framework for you in 2017.

In this feature Marty works with Aurelia, to help you determine if it is a valuable framework for 2017!

Join us as Dave demonstrates what makes Angular 1 tick, and how to use it to build a simple app!

Join us as Dave demonstrates the ins and outs of Angular 2, including how to build a simple Angular 2 app!

Marty discusses what React and React Native are, and how to determine whether or not they are right for your project.