Docker Consulting

Docker can simplify your server infrastructure

Docker is to traditional dev-ops what functions and object oriented programming are to spaghetti code. It allows you to break up what traditionally has been a big server with everything packed on it into concise, easy-to-understand, and easily swap-able components.

For example, with Docker, it's easy to swap out your Apache container for your nginx container in a way that doesn't affect your application because it can run fine with any of your web server containers. In a way, your containers become functions and objects in your larger server infrastructure "application" - with clearly defined inputs and outputs. This shift in thinking will revolutionize dev-ops in the coming decade (and indeed, it already has)!


Interested in learning more?

Contact us to learn how Docker can be used in your stack. We're happy to help architect a solution that allows you to simplify and scale your architecture.


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