BADCamp 2012, Bay Area Drupal
September 30, 2012

Bay Area Drupal Camp is Coming!

That's right, folks. Step right up! The much celebrated BAD Camp is coming November 1st! We'll be there - and so will over 1500...

Using Drupal's Flag module to create useful interactions
June 28, 2012

How to add a Flag link to a Drupal View

The Flag module is really quite cool. It allows you to define a series of flags and tie them to all nodes of a particular content type (or types). So an example might be giving your users the ability to “flag” content as inappropriate. The flag can either be defined on a user level, or even a global...

June 4, 2012

Leveraging the power of Drupal with Templates

In the days before Drupal (back when developers had to code uphill both ways, in the snow!), you had pretty much one file per page most of the time. Your “Contact Us” page was a single static .html or .php page. Sure, you could have some dynamic content embedded in the page, but you had to put that code in the page itself.

Updating nodes via ajax from the node edit form
May 24, 2012

How to save a node via JSON from the node edit page ("what??")

For any non-technical Drupal folk out there – be ye warned. This is a technical post. The intent with these types of posts is to share some knowledge we’ve discovered and share it with the community.

On the agenda? node_save().

October 10, 2011

Using generic Drupal Theme Templates to get your site up and running quickly

Your next big idea can be implemented in Drupal fairly quickly by using templates (and without the expense of a custom design).