Get more from your CMS with our component-based approach

Help your marketing and content teams move more quickly without being dependent on time-consuming development and engineering cycles

A CMS is supposed to make content creation and publication easier - but most teams end up frustrated with the limitations of the framework they use, be it Wordpress, Drupal, or the marketing automation tool of your choice.

What a CMS does well - and how that's different from what *you*

Today's CMSs do great with well-structured content, but are found wanting with content that needs to have a more flexible structure, such as home pages or marketing landing pages.

For these types of content, most teams become beholden to their development team to either implement directly, or to create a method for the content team to update / launch pages on their own.

Does your CMS cause your content and marketing teams headaches and frustration?

The main challenge here is that content and marketing teams like to move fast, and stakeholders often change their minds based on market and consumer feedback.

This can create frustration with pace and velocity, and stress for both teams from the push-pull back & forth. Many teams abandon their CMS entirely, or sign annual contractors for expensive marketing automation systems to resolve this issue.

Our solution to this tricky problem — and it works with any CMS!

We work with our clients to first design a well-defined and customizable set of web components.

These can each be embedded in custom landing pages to create highly converting landing pages that help the business achieve its goals.

Once the components are built, the content and marketing teams have complete flexibility to launch content without help from engineering.

And when the marketing team's needs change - and we know they will!...

When your marketing team needs new components for upcoming landing pages, they can work with our team (or yours) to expand the availability of components in the component library well in advance of the need - or use the existing set of components available to them in a pinch.

Push content faster: Reduce the technical barriers to hiring new content and marketing team members

Our component-based approach means that your content administrators don't need to know html or css to maintain your web presence and support your marketing teams.

Our clients find that this allows them to hire and train more quickly - and maintain more redundancy / overlap in their team in the event that a content team member leaves the company.

Our approach is flexible enough to work with most modern CMSs

Our approach can work with most CMSs in use today, including popular PHP and Javascript-based platforms.


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