Mortgage Industry Solutions

For over a decade, we have worked with mortgage companies to develop agile solutions that allow them to get more done.

The successful mortgage company stays focused on efficiency, volume, and service — and uses technology to help them process and close more mortgages.

How can Project Ricochet and Open Source technology help your company?

We have developed solutions for our clients that help with business process improvement, communication, and secure transmission of files.

Here are a few solutions that we can help your team with:

Electronic delivery of closed loan files and investor suspense conditions

  • Deliver loans to the investor instantly, get your purchase advice quicker, and clear your warehouse line in record time.
  • Define loan program or investor specific stack orders: put your documents in right order, every time.
  • Check for missing documents automatically without having to flip through every page manually.
  • Bundle your documents into a single PDF, or a zip file, or an XML file, named correctly according to the investor specific requirements.
  • Securely deliver the document package with the correct metadata.

Securely send and receive files and documents

  • Receive borrower conditions and send disclosures without costly per package fees.
  • Receive branch or broker loan submissions.
  • Send Escrow Instructions and receive back their closing conditions.
  • Delight your customers and partners with easy drag & drop file uploading.

PDF modification & manipulation

  • Programatically fill PDF forms and files.
  • Modifying, merging, and separating PDFs.
  • Searching and indexing PDF files.
  • Programmatically removing or applying PDF password protection.
  • Programmatically securing PDF files for transmission.

Inter-company and inter-branch communication

  • Send announcements to your Branches or Brokers on rate changes, product overlay updates, etc, while maintaining a searchable and referenceable archive.
  • Company or Broker Portal with rich Content management system (CMS) functionality.
  • Send automatic surveys to find out what your branches or brokers think of your back office enabling you to make data driven decisions and adjustments.

Originator product help desk

  • Central location to ask and answer questions about your loan products.
  • Allow underwriters to answer questions without sacrificing turn times.
  • Build a library of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

Product guidelines handbook

  • Maintain your own guidelines without costly monthly fees.
  • Don’t wait for your provider to take a day or more to process your updates; make the changes yourself and instantly publish.
  • Maintain trackable revisions so originators and staff know what changed and when.

Business process improvement

  • Turn manual process into point and click routines; allow your people to do what they do best, not grind away at repetitive tasks.
  • Consolidate your loan information from many services, systems, & sources.
  • Integrate your myriad of third party systems into a cohesive whole. For example: pull lock data from your pricing system into the request form in your appraisal system and vice-versa. Don’t make your employees and business partners retype the same information again and again.
  • Turn your email requests into reliable process queues. Use simple forms to get more complete information allowing you to better prioritize and organize.

Technical guidance

  • We can build documentation of your mortgage technology process, so you know how it all works, and have a roadmap to sustainably evolve it over time; no more wondering how something is supposed to work or where in the workflow you should fit a new process.
  • Let us show you how to write a software specification that communicates what you need, that doesn’t leave critical functionality open to interpretation, but doesn’t back you into a corner with too narrow a solution.
  • Have a solution but wonder if it can be accomplished this quarter or even this year? Let us assess the feasibility and point out common pitfalls.
  • Need a solution but worried about if it can fit into your budget? Let us estimate a realistic range and provide suggestions for simpler alternatives that get you what you actually need in much less time.

Our solutions can be customized to your needs — without expensive annual license fees

You can develop a truly custom-fit solution that represents your unique company DNA. After you develop your solution, your investment is yours.

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