Augmented Reality


Augmented reality (AR) frameworks are becoming more commonplace, so we wanted to see what business value an AR application might provide to our clients. Being able to show how a large appliance might look in your house or garage using a smart device could be a great way of showing off products, and a fun way to engage users. We’ve made several mobile apps over the years, and wanted to try our hand at this new technology.

The Objectives

  • To show off products in AR.
  • To show our clients new ways of sharing their products and ideas.
  • To play around with 3D assets new frameworks!
  • Creating cross-platform apps.

Technical Details

To begin with, we integrated Wikitude with a new Ionic/Cordova project and began working on displaying a 3D asset in a video capture of the room. This is an ongoing project, so stay tuned as we continue to develop!