Entrepreneur Package

Every day all around the world, entrepreneurs launch products that nobody wants.

Our Entrepreneur Package can help you hone your value proposition, predict your near-term revenue/profit potential, dial-in your understanding of your ideal customer and...figure out if anyone would actually buy what you're selling. Together, we'll step through a series of critical questions that can help you make refine your efforts and avoid costly mistakes. We speak from experience. Both co-founders of Project Ricochet have started and failed at entrepreneurial ventures. The Entrepreneur Package was developed with what they wish they had done before they launched in mind.

Keyword / Value Proposition Analysis

Did you know that you can fairly accurately predict your site's traffic and profit in advance to launch? By targeting specific keywords with an eye for where you'll have a competitive advantage in search engine ranking, you can achieve a predictable traffic level shortly after launch. We can help identify profitable and ideal keywords so that you can hit the ground running. Using traffic and rank predictions, along with your conversion rate (more on that below), you can determine in advance if your launch will be successful - and if your idea will be profitable.

Conversion Analysis / Pre-Beta Launch Campaign

We can help you launch before you launch - creating several variants of webpages that test various potential value propositions and testing user interaction and conversion. Traffic is driven to your beta pages via Online ads (which we help you create). Folks to click your "Buy now!" button are considered to "convert". And this "conversion rate" can be used in conjunction with traffic predictions above to estimate your profit and revenue numbers, allowing you to determine if your idea is (quite literally) worth your time - and give you the ability to hone your message to something that is more profitable and with more potential. The final result of this process is a performance metric of each "value proposition" as well as a list of emails of people interested in each.

Wrap-up Summary / Analysis

At the end of this process, you'll have the data you need to determine if your idea is a good one, or how it can be made better. And that's worth its weight in gold.