Application Integration & API Integration

More and more businesses find themselves in the position of having many services (be them internal or third party) that do great in their own right, but which cannot be fully effective because they do not communicate with each other.

Application integration via either a custom solution, or through API integration can be a powerful way to unlock a tremendous amount of organizational power. But it’s not always as straightforward as one might hope, involving careful systems architecture and a host of considerations from performance, to speed, to the capabilities of factors that are difficult to change (will it be possible to do what you want through third party API calls that you do not have control over, for instance).

At Project Ricochet, we have extensive experience with both custom application integration through custom APIs that we develop for our clients, as well as API integration between applications to achieve business goals.

If you are considering an application integration undertaking, give us a call. Our team of api integration experts can help give you the guidance you need to make your project a success.