We believe in the power of Open Source. We specialize in Drupal Development and lightweight node js frameworks like meteor js, with an emphasis on responsive mobile design. We also creating stunning mobile applications with phonegap. We can bring ideas from concept to implementation - and we do it well. Our team of Open Source Experts can work with you to create something we can all be proud of.

"We run a non-profit summer camp and hired Ricochet to design our camper and staff database from scratch. Their initial design was custom fit to suit our needs and as those needs have evolved the helpful staff at Ricochet have insured that timely changes keep our database up to date and running smoothly. Thanks for the fantastic service and personal attention, it's made a huge difference for our camp!"
  • Drupal Content Managment System
  • Meteor Javascript Development Platform
  • Phonegap Phone App Development
  • Node JS Development Platform
  • Varnish
  • Ben and Jerry's
Meteor accounts-ui ie8 fix
Blog 10\15\14

Using Simple Meteor Authentication with IE8 via accounts-ui

Dominate Meteor authentication in IE 8 with the help of some trickery.
News 02\4\14

Our New Brochure

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